Yearly Progress meeting

In order to reflect on progress, development and results* and to set objectives for the coming period, a progress meeting is held at the end of each year. (*in relation to the agreements set down in the PhD agreement)

The doctoral candidate, the daily supervisor(s) and the promotor(s) are all present at the progress meetings. The HR advisor and/or the mentor can be invited to the meeting (by one of the parties, if desired). The promotor is responsible for scheduling the meetings. The first YPM should take place in the 24th month of the Doctoral Programme (the DMA system provides a due date and sends automatic reminders). The meetings are repeated every twelve months, until the doctoral candidate has graduated.


The doctoral candidate is asked to do the following:

  1. Update the Doctoral Education Planning tab in DMA's PhD agreement
  2. Submit the following documents to the supervisors in good time (at least two weeks in advance):

  • 1. the Yearly Progress Meeting Form. The candidate fills out the following sections: Self-reflection, competences, career prospects and feedback on supervision.
  • 2. An overview of research results and other tasks that were performed over the past year, including a review of the PhD agreement and/or last year’s work agreements (format free)
  •  3. A project plan: goals for the coming year, including a time schedule and the expected academic results, such as papers and dissertation chapters (format free).

Progress Meeting Agenda

  • Evaluation of development in relation to last year's agreements and results (including feedback provided at previous meetings)
  • Current level of development based on competences and Doctoral Education
  • New agreements and planning for the coming period
  • Career perspective
  • Feedback on supervision


The agreements made during the meeting, the competences the candidate will work on and any other relevant remarks are recorded on the YPM form. The form is printed and immediately signed by all parties. If necessary, the doctoral candidate modifies the DE planning page in DMA’s PhD agreement.

The daily supervisor (or promotor) ensures that the completed Yearly Progress Meeting Form and documents 2.2 and 2.3 are handed in at the FGS office.  The FGS office monitors the entire process and uploads a scan of the documents into the DMA system. Then the original documents are sent on for a check by the Department Chair before being filed in the candidate’s records by the faculty HR secretariat.




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